At The Rail June 2016

IAAI @ the Rail Legislation Committee News for IAAI Members Submitted by: Daniel E. Setters, EA,ABA,ATA,ATP,ARA, NSA Past President: 2003-2004, ACAT Past President: 2009-2012, IAAI Past President: 1993-1994, and 2012-2013; East Central Chapter Treasurer: 1998-Present; Legislation Committee, Chair: 1996-Present,; In cooperation with the IAAI Legislation Committee – – – – – …now what do we do?

[June, 2016 Dateline Springfield]

Near the end of the General Assembly’s legislative session we saw and heard some interesting dialogue fostered by a national retirement organization telling their constituents to contact their legislators and oppose taxation of retirement income in Illinois. While taxation of Illinois retired taxpayers pension income has been kicked about for several years there has not been any legislation hit the floor of the House or Senate for action as yet. But, such tax changes are a real option based upon the current state of financial affairs in Illinois. A more real option may come in the form of sales tax changes by taxing services that could include legal and professional services involving accountants and tax preparation services – again nothing is ready for floor action but the issue was key to the Governor’s agenda and many legislators seeking ways to fund the pension shortfall and numerous state sponsored services.

The only good thing now is it takes a three-fifths majority to pass anything so further inaction will be the best guess through the balance of the calendar year, or till November’s election closes and the players are all decided for the next two years. Illinois politics at is finest. The time to recognize our behind-the-scenes volunteers has arrived and IAAI is blessed to have courageous individuals willing to step out and do the work that needs to be done for our professional well-being. The need to keep educational programs at a high level so each of us can remain fully informed as we meet a more engaging client is vital for the voluntary tax collection process. The need to be aware of how our fellow practioners are doing is the mark of a caring organization and requires outreach and interaction between all involved in our professional pursuit. The flow of information is at the center of why members join and so willingly share their experiences. While IAAI is a collection of many different professional talents we all share the same desire to better serve our clients with the knowledge and skills we have individually acquired. What have you done, will you do, this year to step up your game? In that vein, our professional associations – IAAI, NSA, ACAT – are actively engaged in the process of feeding back the facts and circumstances of legislation and policy impacting those facilitating the workings of the system – the professional practitioner, you.

With convention season in full bloom throughout the US we see volunteers that have shared the burden, carried the message, and planned for our professional future take a few moments to reflect and be recognized. While recognition is personally satisfying it in no way is the reason that volunteers expend their energies on our behalf. They give back out of a sense of purpose, need, or self-preservation to continue and in turn enable others to do the same. A stroke of a pen can change our lives, our professional pursuits, and our ability to earn a living as we now do. Such is a vibrant motivation for those that get it. Conversations around the “rail” in Springfield reinforce my reason for being involved in IAAI and doing, in my small way, what I do. Reading over dozens of crafted bills during the filing season is not a recreational thrill. Meeting with persons attempting to restrict what they perceive as being their precious turf is not something one races into. Debating and wordsmithing textual content is emotionally draining or physically deflating when the outcome is swept away by rules or parliamentary procedure. But, nothing can be more exhilarating than seeing the effort become law. Those 45 foot puts make up for all the double boogies along the way. If you have never tried and failed then the scent of success has only a vicarious aroma. Come and enjoy the camaraderie with those that are on the front line. There is always room for one more. Let it be you because IAAI/NSA/ACAT’s 4U.