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    How to Join Zoom Meetings for Professional Education

    Submitted by Richard Allen, EA, AFSP

    This Covid-19 emergency situation has significantly changed how we live many portions of our lives. The IAAI has a long history of providing live seminars featuring important professional education with quality speakers and professional accounting and tax subjects. We have also encouraged local IAAI chapters to have frequent chapter meetings and seminars to help all of us to keep up with changes in our practice.

    At least for the near future, this has changed because we can not continue to provide live seminars or meetings in person. The IAAI has already started using live webinars for its members and non-members using Zoom. We plan on using Zoom many times during 2020, and perhaps beyond that in some cases.

    Read on about getting acquainted with Zoom.  Zoom is an on-line application that can easily be used with many devices such as:
    • Personal Computer
    • Mac or Apple Computer
    • Notebook or Laptop
    • Chromebook or MacBook
    • Android or iPhone
    • Tablet or Kindle

    Getting started with Zoom. For a phone, Chromebook, MacBook, tablet or Kindle,
    first go to the device’s Appstore or Play Store to search for “Zoom” and to download
    the Zoom app. Millions have done this.

    Learn about Zoom meetings. Google “zoom help center” and select Video Tutorials to learn more about Zoom. Also, you can go to and search on “beginners zoom 2020”. You will find helpful videos on
    • How to use Zoom
    • Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time
    • And similar short 5 to 15 minute videos.

    IAAI Webinars Via Zoom. The IAAI has done several 2 hour webinars recently and we expect to have many more. You can go to our website at and click on “MORE” next to CALENDAR to see webinars as they become available. Register at our website. More IAAI Webinars will be publicized by our IAAI Office as they become available.

    Need further help to register or how to use Zoom? Call our IAAI Office at 1-800-222-2270. They will put you in touch with one of our “Zoom mentors”. Want to help others with Zoom? Call our IAAI Office and volunteer to be a “Zoom mentor”.

    Caution. Don’t wait until the last minute to register or learn about Zoom. Signing up or learning about Zoom takes only a few minutes, but time is not available just before the start of a webinar.

    Commercial Members