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    Will County CARES Act Small Business Grant Program

    Submitted by Richard Allen, EA, AFSP

    One of our members received this information about the Will County Small Business Assistance Grant Program. The application process is not too complicated but requires proof via bank statements from 2019 and
    2020 showing that income dropped in either March, April or May.

    Eligibility Criteria. Only businesses that meet these criteria will be eligible to receive funding:
    • Located in Will County
    • Annual revenue must not exceed $2.5 million
    • Employ fewer than 25 employees
    • In good standing with the State of Illinois and Will County
    • In business before February 15, 2020
    • Sole proprietors and independent contractors are eligible provided they meet additional criteria*

    Preference Criteria.
    • Businesses that were forced to shut down by the Illinois Stay at Home Order will be given preference
    • Businesses that have not already received other COVID-19 assistance (e.g., IL BIG, SBA loans, PPP) will be given preference

    • You will need a pdf of the following:
      • Two bank statements that demonstrate revenue loss and/or increase in expenses due to COVID-19 (e.g., decline in revenue during the months of March, April, or May 2020, compared to the same period in 2019 or
      compared to January or February 2020). If bank statements are not available, please provide other financial documents that demonstrate revenue loss and/or increase in expenses due to COVID-19.
      • 2019 Federal Tax Returns (if have yet to file in 2019, 2018 plus official notice showing extension is acceptable)
      • Copy of signed W-9
      • Photo ID of Independent Contractor or Business Owner. Valid forms of identification consist of:

        • A driver’s license issued by the State of Illinois or any other State of the United States of America
        • An identification card issued by any State of the United States of America
        • A passport
        • Consular identification

    Commercial Members